Inverted Sky suggests a turning over of conventions and norms. Yet, exactly which inversions will emerge – and from what sources -- remains a question. On the one hand, the painting Melt shows a volcanic eruption, where the natural environment spews dust and smoke enough to paralyze a whole continent of finely-engineered aircraft. Nearby, wayward technologies spill oil. Both dust and oil cannot be separated from rivers and blood streams, visible in nearby parts of the composition. As the painting Pump suggests, the spell of spirals exists in the same world that displays ink-like splashes of petroleum sludge. Harrsch invites each viewer to palpitate and ponder the pathways that are now unfolding for us. . She subverts easy stereotypes and leads viewers to the work of questioning, without imposing closure or set answers.

Harrsch's oeuvre confronts pressing issue with spirited and compelling directness. The exhibition includes a whimsical sixteen-foot Dragon Kite, where fabric of spinnaker nylon displays an image of Mao enlarged from fragments of Chinese currency. The Dragon and the US Currency Kites premiering at ArtGate Gallery will fly prodigiously the financial center of Manhattan, at the River-to-River festival, in June of this year. - ArtGate Gallery Press realease -